fad diets

With the current fashion trends of skinny jeans, tight tops, and other revealing attire, everyone is looking for a quick way to shed extra or unsightly pounds. This often leads to long searches on the internet for miracle weight loss regimens, more commonly referred to as fad diets. Fad diets are often touted with headlines such as “Lose 10 pounds in less than one week!” This may not be entirely false, as many fad diets are likely to make a person so sick of what they’re eating, they opt to starve themselves instead of continuing with the ridiculous regimen. Below is a list of 100 stupid fad diets and why they won’t work.

Liquid-Based Diets

What most liquid-based diets have in common is the replacement of some or all of the daily meals with a specific liquid. Although it may be true that consumption of liquids can help you feel full and prevent you from eating that extra slice of pizza or cheesecake, there is no liquid diet that is adequate for long-term weight loss. What’s more, most of these diets are likely to cause vitamin deficiencies, metabolic slow-downs, and possibly digestive woes. Few liquids provide the necessary protein, fat, and calories we all need for basic daily function. In fact, a diet that contains less than 800 calories per day can be downright dangerous when followed for more than a day or two. Your body will start to break down muscle tissue for energy; this will indeed lead to weight loss, but not the kind you want.

  1. Cabbage Soup Diet - The plot of this diet is to eat specific foods for seven days and as much cabbage soup as you can stomach. Inadequate nutrition is likely to lead to illness, while the weight that is lost is mostly water weight.
  2. Cranberry Juice Diet - During the cranberry juice diet, which lasts up to three weeks, no solid foods are consumed. All you can drink is cranberry juice, 24/7. Cranberry juice provides no fat or protein, both of which are essential for daily bodily functions.
  3. Apple Cider Vinegar Diet - This diet involves consuming about three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before each meal. Apple cider vinegar has absolutely no impact on weight loss. Consumption prior to eating will do nothing more than leave a sour taste in your mouth.
  4. Juice Diet - This is another diet that is often referred to as a fasting or detoxing diet. The all-juice diet usually lasts eight days, and during this time all you take in is fruit or vegetable juice and water. Like the cranberry juice diet, you aren’t getting the nutrients you need from only juice. You are also likely to experience low blood sugar, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Maybe that’s how the weight loss happens….
  5. Lemon Juice Diet - This diet is also known as the lemonade diet. For ten days, you drink nothing other than a lemon juice concoction with maple syrup and cayenne pepper, salt water, and herbal or laxative teas. This diet is a wonderful way to achieve severe dehydration and possibly, death.
  6. Chicken Soup Diet-This diet calls for you to eat a regular breakfast, then consume as much chicken soup as you like throughout the rest of the day. Aside from the likelihood of ingesting far too much sodium throughout the day, you are more likely to eat an incredibly unhealthy breakfast to make up for what you aren’t able to eat otherwise.
  7. Cold Water Diet - This regimen claims that weight loss can be achieved by consuming large quantities of ice-cold water during the day. Although water is certainly important for normal function of the body, there’s no scientific evidence proving that water temperature has any impact on weight loss.
  8. Black Coffee Diet - In this diet, you are supposed to drink one cup of black coffee for breakfast to stave off your appetite until lunch. After that, you may consume as much black coffee as you wish throughout the day to hold additional cravings at bay. While caffeine is somewhat of an appetite suppressant, its effects are short-lived.
  9. Alcohol Diet - This is perhaps the stupidest of all the liquid-based diets. The alcohol diet involves skipping meals and consuming mostly alcohol throughout the day. Aside from the addiction standpoint, this is a wonderful way to end up with a diseased, nonfunctioning liver.
  10. Broccoli Soup Diet - This is similar to the cabbage soup diet, though some people may opt to eat only broccoli soup and nothing else. This is a ridiculous diet because you will gain back any lost weight once you switch back to solid food. Besides, can you really stand that much broccoli soup?
  11. Green Tea Diet - This diet calls for you to drink three to ten cups of green tea throughout your day. The claim is that the polyphenols (fancy word for antioxidants) speed up the calorie-burning process in your body. Unless you really love green tea and have low expectations, don’t bother with this diet. The antioxidants in green tea are wonderful for some things, but weight loss isn’t one of them.
  12. Slim-Fast Diet - This is one diet that has been around for some time. Replace two meals with their shakes, have a “sensible” dinner, and one of their candy bars for a snack if you like. There’s no secret as to how this diet works: it’s another case of calorie reduction. The problem is, you are not likely to feel full from these canned shakes. In fact, you’ll probably be so hungry you’ll have more than just one of their candy bars to fill your stomach. Also, their products aren’t exactly cheap. Your wallet may end up lighter, but there’s no guarantee your body will follow suit.
  13. The Coconut Diet - This is a restrictive diet that claims the addition of 2-3 tablespoons of pure coconut oil to normal food will cause fat to be metabolized faster and bring about rapid weight loss. The creators also claim this diet will bring relief to a host of conditions that make it difficult to lose weight. The foods recommended are hard to find, and there’s no evidence that coconut oil metabolizes any differently than olive oil, canola oil, or any oil full of healthy fats.
  14. The Red Bull Diet - Drink about ten cans of Red Bull a day and avoid most solid foods. Better open your wallet for this one, and pray your heart can handle all that sugar and caffeine.

Solid Food Diets

Solid food diets often require you to eat an excessive amount of one food, supplementing with smaller quantities of other approved foods. Like the aforementioned liquid diets, these diets rarely offer a safe amount of calories, vitamins, or minerals.

  1. Grapefruit Diet - this diet calls for a small base of regular foods supplemented with one half of a grapefruit or a glass of grapefruit juice at every meal. Grapefruit can interact badly with certain medications, and may contribute to heartburn if consumed in large doses.
  2. Chicken Diet -  with this diet, the only protein you consume is chicken. You can have fruits, vegetables, and grains, but no hamburgers, fish, or steaks. No matter how much you love chicken, after about two weeks of nothing but chicken as a main course, you’re bound to either slip up or go insane.
  3. Salad Diet - the salad diet requires that you slowly replace meals with salads. While this doesn’t sound so bad, people tend to add things like hardboiled eggs, bacon, cheese, and fatty dressings to salads.
  4. Popcorn Diet - Instead of snacking on potato chips or peanut butter cups during the day, you’re supposed to snack on popcorn or use it instead of meals. Almost no one eats plain popcorn, and that’s the only way anyone can have a prayer of making this diet work.
  5. Chocolate Diet - a fairly useless fad diet, the chocolate diet simply suggests adding up to an ounce of chocolate to your preselected dinner. What does the allowed amount of chocolate have to do with losing weight? If you skip it, the weight loss results will be the same.
  6. Raw Food Diet - similar to the vegan diet, the raw food diet requires you to consume nothing more than unprocessed fruits, vegetables, grains, and perhaps some dairy. Caffeine, extra sugar, and alcohol are all big no-nos. While this diet sounds healthy, it can lead to severe undernourishment, or even illness. There’s a reason why we pasteurize our milk these days.
  7. Cookie Diet - there are many cookie diets, but all of them require you to consume 6-8 cookies a day in place of every snack and meal except dinner. This is another “get thin quick” diet with no plan offering of how to keep off any lost weight.
  8. No Fat Diet - A diet that cuts out all foods that contain fat. Not only is such a diet nearly impossible, it’s stupid and dangerous. For one, when foods take away fat they add sugar and salt, adding more calories. Second, a certain amount of fat is necessary for proper absorption of certain vitamins.
  9. No Sugar Diet - A diet that requires you to consume zero sugar. Another diet that is nearly impossible to follow. You would have to cut out all fruits and grains, in addition to junk food. The no-sugar diet doesn’t seem to consider that a number of healthy, necessary foods contain sugar. Cutting out these foods is certain to lead to a wonderful vitamin deficiency.
  10. Macrobiotic Diet - The macrobiotic diet is more of a lifestyle change than a diet. Specific foods must be eaten in certain amounts, in order to balance the body’s yin and yang. This diet is based upon a number of Eastern religions and principles. In theory, it’s not a terrible diet—if you’re willing to completely change your lifestyle. Additionally, following the macrobiotic diet without the proper advice of a doctor can result in—yep, you guessed it—malnourishment.
  11. Vegan Diet - Although some may argue this isn’t a fad diet, it certainly qualifies as a “trendy food move” that more and more people are taking to, and not only due to animal rights. Absolutely nothing containing animal products can be consumed, period. Aside from the ridiculous amount of label-reading you’ll have to do, if you don’t carefully balance the diet with non-animal products, you can easily find yourself in the ER, severely undernourished, weak, and craving a cheeseburger.
  12. Twinkie Diet - This diet was made famous by a nutrition professor in Kansas, who swears to have lost 45 pounds eating almost nothing but Twinkies. This is a great way to jump-start diabetes.
  13. Gluten-Free Diet - This is a diet that is adhered to by some out of necessity (those with Celiac disease), though it has gained a following with others who have no trouble processing gluten. Why is this diet stupid? If you do not have a health problem preventing you from consuming gluten, this diet is not going to help you lose weight. Often, extra sugars, fats, or other ingredients are added to gluten-free products to help with texture and flavor. These additional ingredients spell extra calories.
  14. Orange Diet - With this diet, you consume oranges, small quantities of bread, and little else. Oranges are tasty, but any weight loss experienced on this diet won’t be from the oranges, it will be from the inadequate amount of food you’re eating.
  15. White Foods Diet - Either you eat nothing but white foods, or eliminate them from your diet. This is a useless diet because the color of your food doesn’t always signal it’s nutritional worth. A glass of skim milk is a lot better for you than a chocolate milkshake, but brown rice or barley is better than white rice.
  16. Oatmeal Diet - This diet, which lasts 30 days, demands that for the first week you eat nothing but oatmeal. For the following three weeks, you eat oatmeal three times a day. Despite the fact that oatmeal is very good for you, it’s not going to make you magically lose weight.
  17. Blueberry Diet - This diet is supposed to last three days, during which time you only eat blueberries and light dairy products. Blueberries are healthy, but they aren’t the magical secret to super weight loss. You’re better off supplementing blueberries into a regular diet than gorging yourself on them for three days.
  18. Natto Diet - This diet was touted in Japan as an easy way to lose weight. Natto is a fermented soybean product that smells bad and tastes even worse, yet if you eat it before breakfast and dinner, you supposedly will lose weight without any other effort. Despite the fact that natto is healthy, the promoters of this diet admitted they falsified the studies regarding weight loss.
  19. The Special K Diet - Anyone who has a television is probably familiar with the “Special K Challenge.” Replace two meals with a bowl of Special K for two weeks and lose some weight. Is this magical? No, it’s simply calorie reduction.
  20. The Bread Diet - This diet commands that you eat 12-16 slices of low-calorie bread a day in addition to your regular food. The creators claim the bread will make you feel fuller and you will eat less of other things. High carbohydrate diets can be difficult to digest, and all that bread might prevent you from getting other things you need, like protein and vitamins.
  21. The Egg Diet - This diet recommends eating two or more eggs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner while limiting your carbohydrates. Similar to the Atkins diet in principle, eating that many eggs is sure to jack up your cholesterol to dangerous levels.
  22. The Subway Diet - Everyone knows of Jared Fogel, the Subway spokesman who claims to have lost a ridiculous amount of weight eating almost nothing but Subway sandwiches. Eating Subway sandwiches exclusively does not guarantee weight loss, but it does guarantee you’ll always be broke.
  23. The Burrito Diet - Subsiding on burritos as a means of weight loss isn’t only expensive, but stupid.
  24. The Candy Diet - Eat as much hard candy as you can during the day; it will suppress your appetite for other things. Don’t worry about the enormous amounts of sugar you’re consuming; by the time you’ve gotten your teeth fixed at the dentist’s office, you won’t have money for food, anyway.
  25. The Jello Diet - Eat nothing but sugar-free Jello for up to two weeks. Cheap? Yes. Tasty? Maybe? Smart? Not at all.
  26. The Baby Food Diet - Have all the baby food you want and nothing else. Baby food is made for babies, hence the name. Like most of these diets, you can’t get everything you need eating strained peas and mashed bananas.
  27. The Ice Cream Diet - Ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Who wouldn’t love that? Your kidneys probably won’t. Have you ever had a kidney stone? Get ready, because all that calcium, fat, and sugar will probably give you a few of them.
  28. The Donut Diet - This diet is exactly what it sounds like. Eat only donuts all day long. You may begin to feel sick from all the sugar coursing through your veins, your cholesterol may skyrocket, your hair may fall out, and you may experience digestive woes, but all that’s to be expected on a diet of pure sugar and fat.
  29. The Locally Grown Food Diet - Depending on where you live, this diet may be impossible to follow. For example, if you’re in Alaska, you can count out just about every necessary fruit and vegetable, unless you happen to have a greenhouse nearby.
  30. The Rice Diet - This diet is very restrictive in that you only consume starches and fruit in the beginning, then add low-fat dairy in the second week. Although this diet is supposed to treat certain conditions, it is difficult to follow unless under direct medical supervision. The weight you will lose is mostly water, not fat.
  31. The Fast Food Diet - This was created for people too busy to eat at home. There are certain foods you are allowed; fried foods and trans fats are not included in this. Even if you follow this diet, the amount of sodium you take in is going to be ridiculous. It’s hard to get a balanced meal at a fast food restaurant, and if you are too busy to cook, then you probably won’t exercise. Yes, exercise is essential in this diet.
  32. The Full Bar Diet - The doctor who invented the Full Bar claims that eating this bar before every meal will keep you from eating more during the meal. You don’t have to buy his bars to feel fuller; any food low in calories and high in fiber can do this. Also, if you aren’t capable of extreme self-control, his expensive bars aren’t going to do you any good.

Herbal Supplement Diets

Perhaps one of the most expensive and potentially dangerous classes of diet fads is the diet pill or drug craze. These so-called medical solutions promise fast results, whether by fat burning or detoxifying the body of chemicals responsible for weight gain. Not only are these claims ridiculous, many of them are dangerous. Ephedra, an ingredient in many older diet pills, has been linked to heart problems. Other diet pills are little more than caffeine pills, which are unlikely to cause any real weight loss. The problem with all of these substances is that because they fall under the category of herbal supplements, they are not required to be approved for use by the FDA.

  1. Xenadrine - Ingredients include various herbs and caffeine.
  2. Dexatrim - Includes vitamin B complex and herbs.
  3. Hydroxycut – Includes caffeine, fruit powders, and herbs.
  4. Colon Cleansers - These often contain herbs and psyllium, and promote weight loss by remove excess material from the colon. These are usually used in conjunction with laxatives. Overuse can paralyze natural colon contractions, and any weight loss experienced is extremely short-lived.
  5. Diuretics – These pills are mostly caffeine and only help you shed water weight. Overuse can damage the kidneys.
  6. Quicktrim – Ingredients include a handful of vitamins, green tea extract, caffeine, and herbs.
  7. Trimspa – Primarily contains herbal supplements and caffeine.
  8. Acai berry capsules – Sold under names such as Quick Slim, promoters claim this berry is the new superfood. Although this fruit does contain plenty of healthy things (much like other foods), there is no scientific evidence to support that it is as magical as they would have you believe.
  9. Pomegranate capsules -These pills don’t actually contain any pomegranate, but claim to provide the same benefits as the fruit. In reality, they’re pretty much a rehash of every other diet pill on the market
  10. Green Tea Extract – These pills contain concentrated polyphenols and caffeine. See the green tea diet for more information.
  11. The Herbalife Diet - This diet focuses on the ingestion of Herbalife supplements and shakes, and allows only one meal a day. Aside from the expensive nature, Herbalife’s products have ingredients that have been linked to heart and health problems. Additionally, there are not enough calories included in this diet for it to be considered healthy.
  12. Metabolife – These pills use to contain Ephedra; now, they contain a number of herbs and caffeine. None of the ingredients have been proven to cause any sort of fat burning or weight loss.
  13. Hoodia – This pill contains a plant extract native to South Africa. It has not been approved by the FDA for safety and consistency in its ingredients.

Celebrity Endorsed Diets

  1. Zone Diet – This diet requires you to count “blocks” of food throughout the day. The creator of this diet sells a book to help you do this. Sound like a scam to you? Who knows, but you probably will lose some weight: by the time you’ve figured out your blocks, you’ve lost your appetite.
  2. Atkins Diet – One of the most popular fad diets around, Atkins lets you eat all the fatty, cheesy, meaty food you want and practically bans you from eating your vegetables. Will you lose weight? Apparently, yes. Unfortunately, the cardiovascular risks associated with this diet are high: a diet high in protein and fat promotes heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, and certain types of cancer. Additionally, the high quantities of protein put a great strain on the liver and kidneys.
  3. Hollywood Diet - This also falls under the category of a liquid diet, and promises extreme weight loss in a short period of time. You spend a cool $25 dollars a bottle on their juice, which you drink four times a day with water. You know what else causes extreme weight loss in a short time? Emptying your wallet for a useless bottle of juice.
  4. Beverly Hills Diet – A diet that restricts you to specific groups of food (fruits, starches, etc.) on specific days and promises weight loss of up to 15 pounds in about a month. Another dangerous diet to be skipped, since roughly 800 calories a day is likely to leave you weak and sick.
  5. South Beach Diet – Technically a fad diet, though probably the safest of them all. Still, the initial weight loss is water weight. Losing a large amount of water weight in a short time can cause electrolyte imbalance, which may lead to kidney problems.
  6. The Mating Habits Diet – Select your food based on its mating habits. How does this help you to lose weight? Perhaps because you spend a lot of time researching your food and less time eating it.

Miscellaneous Fad Diets

These diets don’t fit into any one category. Despite this, they are still useless for any real weight loss and should be skipped.

  1. Glycemic Index Diet - Glycemic index diets encourage you to eat foods low on the glycemic index; that is, foods receive a “score” based on the amount of insulin they encourage your body to secrete. Lower scoring foods cause less insulin to be released, keeping blood sugar level. High scoring foods create blood sugar spikes and force the body to store more food as fat. In reality, the lower scoring items are often high in fiber, which helps with weight loss. Overall, “scoring” your food isn’t going to guarantee you’re eating smart.
  2. Blood Type Diet – The creator of this diet claims you should eat certain foods and avoid others based on your blood type. Aside from the restrictive nature of this diet, there is absolutely no scientific evidence to suggest your blood type has anything to do with how your body handles food.
  3. The 1-Day Diet – This is a bare-minimum diet. How one can expect to lose any weight other than water in one day is beyond me.
  4. The 3-Day Diet - This diet gives you a set menu for three days. The diet itself isn’t the problem; in fact, the foods listed are pretty healthy. However, swapping to a healthy diet for three days then returning to a life of pizza and pasta isn’t going to help shed pounds.
  5. The 7-Day Diet – Eat all you want for seven days—but only of specific foods. For example, day one allows you to eat as much fruit as you want, provided bananas aren’t included. Caloric intake fluctuates so wildly in the seven days, it’s impossible to imagine how anyone would lose any weight following such a stupid diet.
  6. The Metabolism Diet - Another seven day diet that offers little variety in consumption over a week. There’s no mystery to how you lose weight on this; you probably take in less than 800 calories a day. This is another diet that offers an easy way to end up in the hospital from severe malnourishment.
  7. Scarsdale Diet – This is probably one of the safer fad diets, though any weight loss achieved during the 7-day regimen will be short lived. You’re better off applying the principles of the Scarsdale diet to a long-term plan. Again, there is very little variety, which can lead to cheating or halting of the plan altogether.
  8. One Good Meal Diet – This is a fairly protein-heavy diet. The lack of balance over two weeks will probably leave you constipated on some days and ravenous on others. There’s absolutely no explanation as to how this diet is expected to help you lose weight, other than perhaps extreme caloric reduction.
  9. The HCG Diet – This diet calls for you to inject yourself with human chorionic gonadotropin (the same hormone secreted by pregnant woman) while restricting yourself to 500 calories a day. Aside from the fact that HCG isn’t exactly sold on the shelf of your local pharmacy, what in the world would make someone believe pregnancy hormones will help with weight loss?
  10. The Cure for Diabetes Diet - This diet claims that adherence can treat or cure diabetes. It contains lots of green vegetables and difficult-to-find foods. If diabetes were so easy to cure, more people would be cured.
  11. Breast Cancer Diet – This diet claims to lower your risk of breast cancer if you follow its recommendations. The problem is, diet will not help you if are genetically predisposed. Also, this diet lacks a lot of the fruits and vegetables that doctors recommend for cancer prevention.
  12. The Mastication Diet - Also known as “Fletcherism” in honor of Horace Fletcher, this diet requires you to chew eat bite of food up to 100 times. By the time you’ve finished chewing, the food has probably lost all flavor and appeal, and you’ve probably wasted half a day eating a bowl of cereal.
  13. The Last Chance Diet – The man who invented this diet claimed that by subsiding on a liquid he called Prolinn, one could lose an incredible amount of weight. What exactly is Prolinn? This liquid was composed of keratinous offal; that is, the hooves, horns, and tendons of slaughtered animals. Although Prolinn is no longer available, one could technically duplicate this diet in the present. It is ill-advised, however; such products contain absolutely no nutritional value and are likely to wreak havoc on your digestive tract.
  14. The Vision Diet – The inventors of special blue-tinted glasses claim the color blue naturally suppresses the appetite by making food look less appealing. If you’re really hungry, it’s unlikely a colored lens is going to prevent you from eating.
  15. The Pocket Diet – Eat whatever you want, so long as it can fit inside a pita pocket. Butterfingers fit in pita pockets. I’m pretty sure you could make a piece of cheesecake fit in a pita pocket if you cut it up first. Doritos fit in pita pockets too, right?
  16. The Kill-It-Yourself Diet – Whatever you want to eat, you have to pick it yourself or kill it yourself. If you like fish, this could probably work out all right. However, if you want a steak, you better figure out a way to take down Farmer Joe’s cow without getting mauled or sued.
  17. The ADHD Diet - The creators of this diet claim ADHD symptoms can be eased following this diet. Besides being restrictive, a lot of the requirements seem fairly contradictory. Skip meat and fish, but protein and omega-3s are absolutely essential. It is possible to get what you need in other ways, but a lot of the foods are pricey and hard to find.
  18. The Portfolio Diet – If you are following this diet for weight loss, you may be in for a rude awakening. This is a diet meant to lower cholesterol, not weight.
  19. The Rosedale Diet – This is a diet aimed at diabetics and those who have had limited success with other diets. It is restrictive in what you can eat and overemphasizes the use of vitamin supplements and underemphasizes the need for exercise. Neither of these guidelines are a recipe for success.
  20. The Reverse Diet - Eat a large breakfast and smaller meals and snacks for the rest of the day. Although a balanced breakfast does help with hunger during the midday, there is no scientific evidence to support this diet as a successful way to lose weight. It’s also likely to put a strain on family meal times, and dining out may be difficult.
  21. The Every Other Day Diet – Eat an incredibly low calorie diet every other day. Aside from feeling lousy every other day, you’re playing with your body’s metabolism. The yo-yo effect on your body is bad for your overall health, and can make you susceptible to illness.
  22. The Hallelujah Diet – Based on biblical guidelines, this diet allows 15% of your food to be cooked, while the other 85% must be eaten raw. This is a variant of a vegan diet, and can cause long-term health problems.
  23. The Kosher Diet – Although not technically a fad diet, some use this as a means of weight loss. Kashrut (Jewish dietary guidelines) require you to prepare your foods in a strict fashion, and eat only foods that are kosher. Unless you are bound by Judaic law to eat in this manner, you shouldn’t try to keep kosher. Much of the food consumed is high in saturated fat. Shalom!
  24. The Negative Calorie Diet - The premise behind this diet is that some foods burn more calories during consumption and digestion than they contain. The list only includes fruits and veggies; while these are healthy, you can’t get everything you need from them.

Bizarre and Dangerous

Diets so weird they shouldn’t even exist.

  1. Tapeworm diet - One has to question whether or not this is a real fad diet. In any case, the theory is that if you ingest a tapeworm, you can eat all you like and the tapeworm will take care of excess calories, fat, and the like. Aside from the obvious fact that any parasite can carry diseases, this is still ridiculously stupid and dangerous. Getting rid of a tapeworm requires a trip to the doctor for medication; once they find out you purposely gave yourself a parasite, they’re likely to offer you a cushy room at the psychiatric hospital.
  2. Amputation diet – Again, a “diet” that is incredibly stupid and, if not dangerous, very disfiguring. Here, you find a doctor willing to remove perfectly healthy limbs or digits in order to reach your target weight. It’s unfathomable that anyone would go to such permanent and unpleasant lengths to lose any weight. Yes, you will be lighter, but you will also be lopsided.
  3. Cigarette Diet – Although it is true that nicotine acts as something of an appetite suppressant, lung cancer and emphysema are not good trade-offs for weight loss.
  4. Cotton Ball Diet – Eating cotton balls soaked in gelatin before meals is a great way to test the limits of your windpipe. Your stomach will probably be pretty upset, as well.
  5. Anorexia/Bulimia Diet – This is not a diet, this is an eating disorder. Those who suffer from this would not wish their pain on anyone. DO NOT emulate them.
  6. Ear Stapling Diet - This diet is based on the Chinese art of acupuncture. No evidence exists that it works at all.
  7. Breatharian Diet – Here, you skip food altogether and subside on air.
  8. The Five Bite Diet - Eat five bites of any food three times a day.
  9. Get Sick and Lose Weight Diet – Spend as much time as you can around sick people. Everyone knows that when you’re sick, you don’t feel like eating. What a fantastic idea.
  10. Sleep Away the Pounds Diet - Forget school, forget work, forget the kids—sleep away the day. The more you sleep, the more your body will consume itself to perform basic functions. Granted, by the time you get out of bed you may be too weak to walk, but hey, you’ll be thin! Who cares?
  11. The Laxative Diet - This is a very dangerous diet, and is often utilized by those with an eating disorder. While it is true that the use of laxatives will move food more quickly through your system (and in turn, cause less to be absorbed), it can also interfere with the natural functions and cause damage to the digestive tract.